Consider This

“Winning was easy, young man.  Governing’s harder” said senior statesman General George Washington to ambitious and talented Alexander Hamilton in the American sensation—Hamilton on Broadway and tour.  

Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the unique lyrics, music, and book for the musical Hamilton was intending to give us a new take on the history of our founding fathers, I suspect, yet so many of Miranda’s lines, like Washington’s to Hamilton are appropriate for today — sign of a creative genius!

Maybe all aspiring leaders should take note of Washington’s words. And from another voice:


Honoring the Leadership Position

Accepting the Role

A leader is selected in some way. Either those in power identify who is to lead, or the people themselves elect a leader by formal vote or by informal agreement. By notice of sheer numbers alone, the one versus the group, a leader leads a life of privilege and power. A narcissist abuses privilege; an altruist respects privilege. A tyrant wields power; a visionary shares power.

When you agree to be a principal (or President, or Cabinet Member or CEO)… you are saying, “Yes, I will honor the leadership position with all of the unwritten expectations that go with the title.” Your followers are assuming that you understand and accept these essential conditions of a leader’s job.

            —The Principal’s Chair, Who Sits There Matters, A Secret of School Success

                        Dr. Judith D. Knotts